Insulin Signaling in Cardiac Health and Disease. Bartlett J, Trivedi P, Pulinilkunnil T. Chapter 12. In: Endocrinology of the Heart in Health and Disease. Jonathan Cummings Schisler, Charles Lang, Monte Willis (Eds.). Elsevier Press Publishers, 317-347.

Endocrinology of the Heart in Health and Disease: Integrated, Cellular, and Molecular Endocrinology of the Heart covers the traditional concepts of cardio-endocrinology, the role of the various hormone systems, both in health and disease, therapeutic implications, and other recent advances in the various fields represented.

The book explores how cardiac hormones are changed in various cardiac pathologies and the recent success that has been uncovered in their therapeutic use. Additional focus is placed on how the heart responds both physiologically and pathophysiologically to a plethora of circulating hormones, reinforcing the importance of the heart as a target of numerous endocrine systems, such as the brain, renal, and adipose. Significant advances have come from basic, clinical, and translational research from a multiplicity of investigators with diverse backgrounds.

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